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How much time are you prepared to invest into a relationship?

Very Little - I'm only interested in short-term experiences

A little - I may want more but no guarantees at this time

Some - I'd be open to more time for the right person

A lot - A relationship is important to me

As much as possible - It's my top priority

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How important is romantic love in your desired relationship?

I am not looking for love

I want to be fond of my partner, but not necessarily in love

Mutual affection is all I expect

I seek mutual affection with the hope of falling in love

Deep romantic love is essential to my relationship

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Does your financial situation play a role in your desired relationship?

Yes - and always proportional to each other's personal situation

Yes - but it should never be too uneven

Not really - and I know may vary over time

Never - everything should be split equally

Sometimes - but not too often

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How important is physical attraction to your desired relationship?

Not at all - beauty is just one part of attraction

To some extent - attraction is nice but not necessary

Very - mutual attraction is important

Desirable, but not the end-all-be-all.

Essential - I have to be attracted to my partner

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How public do you want to be with your relationship status?

I do not want it public, including social media

I will not hide it, but not broadcast it either

I will reveal my status to friends only

I will make my status visible and public including social media

I will shout it to the world - post and tag my partner

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How certain are you of what you are looking for in a relationship?

I know exactly what I want and will not accept anything less

I have a good idea of what I want

I know more what I do NOT want than what I DO want

I have a hard time being honest about what I want

I am not looking for anything in particular

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Age Range

Does age of your partner matter within your preferred relationship?

Not at all - age is irrelevant to my attraction

Not really - but there are limits

Somewhat - but depends on the person

Yes - within a specific age range preference

Absolutely - I want someone no more that 1-2 years apart

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What is the proper balance to the relationship?

It should be mutually beneficial with clear expectations in all areas

The roles should be clearly defined in most areas

Equality is important, but I know roles may change over time

There is some give and take, but nothing too unequal

The relationship should be 50/50 in all dimensions

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How important is intimacy within your desired relationship?

Not very - Closeness is separate from physical attraction

A little - But other factors are more important

Somewhat - Closeness would be nice to have

Very - Closeness is needed at certain times

Critical - Closeness is essential to my desired relationship

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How much space do you like in your desired relationship?

I am not interested in spending a lot of time together

I like time together, but need my own space as well

I would like to be together as much as my schedule permits

I would like to spend most of my time together

I would like to spend every moment we can together

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What role does a relationship play in your life right now?

A relationship is my top priority and #1 focus

A relationship is very important to me, but not #1 focus

A relationship would be nice, but not essential to my happiness

A relationship is not necessary, but would be a nice distraction

A relationship is the last thing on my mind